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Stone Hill Consulting, LLC provides clients with the expertise they need to design, implement, and deliver computer software and hardware products.

Michael K. Jones, the founder and principal engineer of Stone Hill Consulting, has over 30 years of experience delivering a diverse range of software and hardware based products, including:

  • Implement embedded web server in water analyzer / controller instrument

  • Modify Tsi148 driver to support 64-bit, and add additional interrupt functionality

  • .NET application to control conductivity meter and collect data

  • Application-specific browser using Qt Webkit to deliver movies, TV, and patient care information to bedside

  • Driver for IntervalZero's RTX platform to access Tsi148 PCI-VME bridge chip

  • Refactor C++ proprietary wavelet image compression software, and write unit and functional tests to verify

  • Troubleshoot and fix bugs in .NET custom Gantt Chart control

  • .NET application to help technician test and certify a medical device

  • KMDF device driver for Tsi148 PCI-VME bridge chip

  • Windows UI program for configuring a frozen drink machine running a TI MSP430 microprocessor over a USB-CDC interface

  • Diagnostic firmware and Windows test programs for Lattice MICO32-based medical laser system

  • Embedded software for ARM7-based GHz signal generator, allowing command and control over USB-CDC, Telnet, TCP/IP socket, and GPIB interfaces

  • KMDF device driver for Tundra Universe II PCI-VME bridge chip

  • KMDF device driver for PCI controller in therapeutic laser device

  • Embedded software for GHz frequency generator (USB-CDC, Telnet, socket, and GPIB interfaces)

  • Software and firmware for USB dongle used to command and control a remote target device wirelessly

  • AVStream driver for multi-function video CardBus capture card

  • Port an existing 32-bit device driver from Compuware Driver::Works to Microsoft KMDF, including support for 64-bit machines

  • Project leader for Chaos Game Engine development

  • Debug prototype port of Windows NDIS IM driver to Windows Mobile 5 Platform for important customer demo

  • Windows NT-style service for dynamically updating DNS records for wireless modems

  • Review hardware/software project status for new video phone product

  • Port Windows NT driver to 64-bits (AMD64)

  • Move shared cryptographic code to an export driver (a.k.a. Kernel-Mode DLL) for FIPS certification

  • ODBC-based event logging system

  • NDIS Miniport driver for dual-port gigabit Ethernet NIC (supporting IPSec and checksum offload)

  • COM-based configuration API

  • Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snapin.

  • NetMeeting pluggable transport (using IPluggableTransport interface)

  • Library catalog system using Koha 2.0 on Debian GNU/Linux 3.0

  • Custom .NET control for database admin API (C++ and ATL 7.0)

  • Bridges to allow legacy applications to participate in the shared user and patient context with other CCOW-enabled applications

  • TDI clients for Windows NT/2000/XP kernel-mode and Windows 95/98 VxD

  • Port OpenSSL to run Windows kernel-mode

  • USB Device Driver for Windows 98/2000/XP

  • System Service daemons for Windows 98/2000/XP

  • Windows Control Panel Applets

  • ActiveX Document Server

  • TIFF image compression, decompression, scaling, and display

  • Internet Explorer Extensions

  • Video Conferencing subsystems, including H.221, H.242, H.261, H.263, T.120, Q.922, and HDLC

  • NDIS WAN Miniport driver (supporting connection over data channel of H.320 video call)

  • RTOS Flash File System

  • PBX Drivers and System Services

  • NT Kernel-Mode Device Drivers

  • WDM Drivers for Windows 98 and 2000

  • VxD's for Windows 95 and 98

  • System Tray Icon Object

  • DDE client/server monitor Netscape Browser

  • SNMP Agents

  • Installers

  • ISAPI components

  • Netscape plug-ins

  • Document Imaging client and server applications

  • SCSI Device Drivers

  • TIFF processing

  • CCITT Group 3 and 4 encode/decode

  • Embedded DSP rasterization pipeline for CAD workstation

  • Tektronix 4109 emulation

  • MS-DOS co-processor

  • Machine Vision System

  • Network Management application

  • Multi-user Word Processing System

Stone Hill Consulting can also call upon an extensive network of software professionals when additional manpower or specific expertise is required.