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Do you know what it really costs to hire a full-time employee? Outsourcing work to a consultant may be more cost effective than you think.

Normally, Stone Hill Consulting, LLC works on a time and materials basis. We have found that the dynamic nature of software development works best with an hourly/daily/weekly contract. It allows the client to have the most control over what work gets done, how much work is done by the consultant, and when that work is scheduled. Working on a time and materials basis gives the client the most flexibility to deal with changing requirements, schedules, and resource availability.

We negotiate a rate for each project, based on many different variables. Rates are normallly hourly, but can also be daily, weekly, or monthly if you prefer.

Fixed-price contracts are an option for certain types of projects. When the scope of work is well defined, and the details can be precisely specified, a fixed price contract may be possible. While it considerably limits the flexibility the client has, it does provide a measure of budgetary certainty.

All contracts begin with a proposal, which we will prepare free of charge. Contact us with the details of your project, and we will produce a proposal describing what we can do for you, and how much it will cost.